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Guide to the export of paper boxes from India

by Asain Packaging Industries

A success key to starting with an import and export paper boxes company is understandable and proper knowledge of export and import products. To get successful in export and import, you need to do thorough research about its entire market instead of failing to attempt to handle the market directly. Paper box is the major source of packaging and is in demand nowadays as it is highly efficient and cost-effective. Let’s discuss some points about how to export paper carton boxes corrugated. 

How is the export of paper boxes done in India? 

The export process is a wide range of concepts that requires well-researched information via an entrepreneur to start with an export and import business. To strongly build an export and import business, paper box manufacturers need to abide by various instructions:-

Organization establishment

  • The major concern should be to create a partnership or company to start with proper export and import business. 

Bank account setup

  • Creating a bank account is of high importance to maintain the transaction process for this business. With the help of a bank account, you can easily deal with Foreign exchange matters. 

Grab a permanent account number

  • In the corrugated paper sheet business, every exporter and importer needs to attain a PAN card from the Income Tax Department. 

Setting up of exporter importer code number

  • As per foreign policy, it is quite important to get an exporter importer code to export and import paper boxes in India. 

Getting registration cum membership certificate

  • To pursue the business of export of sheet paper roll paper it is essential to achieve registration and membership certificates from various board authorities. 

Benefits of paper box packaging

Paper packaging, also popularly known as paper containers, seems to be the most cost-effective and highly efficient alternative for the entire community. It allows you to carry and keep several products with ease. The usage of paper boxes is enhanced every day, as it is considered to be very lightweight and sturdy. It is highly customizable to meet customer and product-specific requirements. 

Various manufacturers have opted for these boxes as they offer the users functional packing and easy storage that seems highly appealing. Moreover, paper corrugated sheets are designed in every size and shape using recycled material, and this packing is highly safe for the environment. There are several reasons why paper box packing is highly used and more accepted than plastic containers. 

Are biodegradable materials

These boxes are designed from renewable resources like paperboard and paper, and these materials offer distinct sustainability and ease of recycling. 

Various usage

Paper sheet paper corrugated could be taken in the reuse of various things like fiberboard, wrapping paper, or paper sacks. Besides this, these boxes permit proper packing of food items and replace plastic bags. 

High convenience

These boxes offer good visibility along with high convenience for products. Besides this, it includes the ease with which items could showcase proper packing. It also offers an easy-to-stack feature along with proper item protection. 

Immense durability

Paper boxes are very sturdy and environmentally friendly. These boxes would maintain the item’s freshness, lock in every flavor, and keep the pests away from the product. So, this packing is highly good for food items to get well sealed. Able to withstand several impacts without causing any damage to interior products. 

Acquires positive public perception

Paper packaging is gaining several positive responses as the packing process is biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, and also doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. 

Why select Asianpackaging for paper box export? 

This renowned industry designs various products for packing purposes. And widely known for the export of fine and high-quality items. Customers remain satisfied with the service of the company and always stand as a support, which makes the company motivated and allows them to strive for excellence. The company offers good quality items that have enhanced its fame in the export business. It makes the products move around easy and convenient. Ensures proper protection of every item along with high durability. We are offer services like paper boxes for packaging ( cardboard box packaging ) , paper storage boxes, paper gift boxes wholesale, paper gift boxes etc.


Designed from renewable sources, paper-based packing offers a healthy, sustainable, and safe environment along with various other uses. This feature of these boxes strives to be a better option for the safe packaging of products, especially food items. Moreover, it permits various companies to develop strong and happy relationships with customers without harming the environment. It also offers high versatility in printing and allows brands to gain much exposure. 

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