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Corrugated boxes – An ultimate guide

by Asain Packaging Industries

When discussions regarding packaging pop up ( corrugated boxes ), it becomes easy to get confuse. Everyone has heard about cardboard in packaging contexts, and never thought more than that. However, whenever you think about the product to be packed, the word cardboard comes into the limelight. But, cardboard is not a type of only packing material; there is more to it.

Cardboard is one material, while corrugated cardboard is another material. Both materials are often confuse but showcase varying purposes as per the product. Corrugated boxes include a tremendous number of benefits that make them an ideal option for packaging. Via this article, it would become easy for you to spot the difference between corrugated cardboard and cardboard and their usage. It will also help in deciding what type of packaging you require.

Overview of corrugated boxes

The conventional cardboard box includes three fiberboard layers among its structure. Outer layers are linerboards, while the zig-zag layer of paper between liner boards is called a flute. In various cases, cardboard sheets are double to provide extra protection to every item, and that occurs after a combination of varying grades of fluting. Manufacturer types of corrugated boxes seem to be the best option for shipping items. We are also doing 3 ply corrugated box at vapi.

Its walls offer high protection for the very rough handling, and this material is extremely cost-effective. Several companies use these boxes to deliver and ship huge numbers of products over long distances. Moreover, various companies choose to print over these boxes, but very little is known about these boxes.

Difference between corrugated and cardboard

After diving further into corrugated packing and its enormous use, it is pretty important to discuss major differences between corrugated and cardboard. Cardboard is a material designed from thick paper or heavy paper pulp and most probably used in the packing of small products. The material is also taken into use as a support in packing and prevents items from losing their shape during transit.

Corrugated boxes are not created from the same material as cardboard. It is design from three layers of paper, including inside liner, outer liner, and fluting between two liners. It is highly used to ship boxes, as corrugated sheets are extremely durable and strong. To know the difference between both materials is important to decide what packaging type would be better for the item.

Corrugated industry

Whether your company is shipping a few products or a large number of products, corrugated boxes are an excellent option. The reason behind its fame is its stability, durability, and versatility. It is a trustworthy packaging that ensures your product’s safety and is created in such a way that customers like. It provides a win-win situation, and this type has become more in demand when e-commerce sales start to rise. White corrugated boxes are in use across the entire retail industry and are in much demand due to the e-commerce rise.

Benefits of corrugated boxes

White corrugated boxes are gaining much popularity due to their various benefits and also due to their low cost of production. Here we discuss benefits of this box. You can also check cardboard meaning at asian packaging.

Provides protection:

Corrugated is consider the best packing option available for people who desire to protect their items during transit. It could handle the shipping and move-around impacts, and its cushion-like feature provides lots of support.

Extreme durability:

These boxes are very much durable just because of their protective features. And the box withstands various impacts without even destroying the inside item and acts as a barrier.

Environmentally friendly:

Product sustainability is the prime factor, along with proper packaging. It is a fact that manufacturers’ custom corrugated boxes are create from recycle fibers. These boxes are easy to recycle and make them a sustainable packing material.

Highly customizable:

These boxes are customizable along with their thickness and shape and are consider a better option for packing a product.

What do companies get from corrugated boxes?

Various companies earn lots of benefits by using corrugated packing, most probably e-commerce companies. According to the package’s shape and size, shipping the product becomes easier and more manageable. These boxes could withstand high levels of wear and tear that arise during shipping and make it the safest packing option.

Companies are opting for corrugated packing to ensure that their items get deliver to their customer’s doorstep in every situation. Moreover, this type of packaging provides great versatility in printing that permits their brand to become more successful. Corrugated packing allows companies to develop happy customer relationships and no harm to the environment.


Corrugated boxes for packing is coming in demand, as these boxes include premium-grade material and good technology construction. This corrugated packaging or boxes feature makes an excellent option for shipping and packaging. These boxes are mostly use in the food industry due to their safe packing.

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