Corrugated Box in Vapi
3 Ply corrugated boxes and sheets

3 Ply corrugated boxes and sheets

There is a lot of demand for moisture-free, good quality, properly manufactured 3 ply corrugated boxes . Daily, lots of products and items come packed, so the packing needs to be secure and transported safely while storage, shipping, and handling.


Packing boxes must possess various crucial features that are required for storage and these boxes and sheets must be cost-effective, durable, environment friendly, and light. Corrugated boxes and sheets are the best option and are considered to be the most accepted material for shipping. Broad flute corrugated box is also one type of box.


The strength and design of material utilize to design corrugated cardboard boxes  must be analyzed properly to determine the quality, safety, and endurance of packing boxes. Corrugated paper and linerboards are highly used in corrugated boxes and sheets manufacturing.


In these boxes, paper is passed via corrugated boxes to achieve these fluted materials which is one of the unique things of corrugated boxes. The fluted paper of these boxes provides a cushioning effect and supports the items.


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Types of corrugated sheets or boxes

Single-phase corrugated sheets include a single flute or one to two sheets of linear board and the flute gets stacked with a linear board. These cardboard sheets are usually sold in sheet rolls form and are usually utilized to pack the items for safety. 3 ply corrugated sheet provides high protection to every product.  You can also use corrugated sheets for packing any item.


3 ply corrugated box


These brown boxes include a single corrugated sheet that is placed and glued among two sheets of liner board. This awesome box possesses various uses in retail industries.


5 ply corrugated box


These corrugated cardboard boxes (corrugated carton box ) are designed from 2 layers of a corrugated medium that are glued among three liner board layers. Hence, this activity makes the box highly rigid and is usually utilized in packing heavier items or delicate products. This type of box is utilized in electronic products shipping.


7 ply corrugated box


This type of corrugated boxes is the strongest among all other types and is designed from three layers of the corrugated medium along with four layers of liner board. These sturdy boxes are effectively utilized in industrial parts packing due to their high durability. You can also buy Double wall corrugated boxes at Asianpackaging.


Features of 3 ply corrugated boxes and sheets


  • Have high stiffness.
  • Possess the best adhesive bonding.
  • Owns the best strength at a low cost.
  • Own high strength.
  • Lightweight and cost-effective.
  • Moisture-resistant and sustainable.



1. What is meant by corrugated sheets?


3 ply corrugated boxes or sheets are also popularly called corrugated fiberboard and are a type of material that includes fluted corrugated sheets along with one or two flat liner boards. 


2. What should be the quality parameters of corrugated sheets?


Corrugated sheets ( cardboard paper )quality parameters usually include the board’s bursting strength, board’s compression strength, moisture measurement, sheet weight, and much more.


3. What is the use of a corrugated sheet?


Corrugated sheets offer high protection from heavy winds and storms and require less maintenance. These sheets are even strong and long-lasting and offer support to heavy and delicate products.


4. Why are corrugated sheets so strong?


3 ply corrugated boxes are designed from fibers that include bitumen, making the sheet more strong and lightweight. 

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