Corrugated Box in Vapi
Corrugated sleeves

Corrugated sleeves

Corrugated sleeves are the most ideal option for packaging products and are designed from groundwood pulp, pulp, and waste paper. These cardboard boxes are much thicker than paper and could be easily shaped and folded into the shape of an item that needs to be packaged. 3 ply corrugated boxes is the one type of packing box.


Its width is unlimited and provides extra strength in the provision of protection and support to every item. These sleeves need glue, adhesive, or stickers to close them or secure them over the item. 


Cardboard sleeves are highly recyclable but their additional adhesives are not recyclable and could force customers to throw away the adhesives into the trash. A corrugated sleeve is a packaging cardboard box without any closing tucks or ends that look like a cylinder.


It could be customized just like any other type of box and provides space for varying items, and you could also add cutouts to make it even more unique. These sleeves are very much sturdy and efficiently work as standalone packing.


Asianpackaging is the best-corrugated box manufacturer in India that provides a good quality supply of corrugated sleeves along with sturdiness. Asianpackaging is the best cardboard manufacturer and offers its customers cost-effective materials.


It is the most trustworthy company that mainly focuses on the material’s quality and serves as the best company across India with many clients and customers.


Why select corrugated sleeves?


This is the ideal packaging cartons that offer high durability and strength and proper protection. Let’s have a quick look over how corrugated sleeves could help you in packaging your items.


Professional look along with reduced costs


These types of corrugated sleeves provide a professional look at low costs. Its look could attract more and more customers and pack the items correctly.


Cost-efficient printing


 It take a very less amount of space, and it is highly cost-effective. Due to this, you not only save them money but also you save the environment.


Provides quick packing


Corrugated sleeves are cardboard boxes for packing and they are very easy to use and ultimately save your time to a great extent. You just require to slide the item into the sleeve and it becomes ready for packing.


Suites any industry


It is easy to pack any item with a 5 ply corrugated box and it suits every industry, especially in gift packaging. It is the ideal option for packaging cosmetics, toys, food, and various other items.




1.  What is meant by a corrugated sleeve?


 Corrugated cardboard sleeves are the type of corrugated boxes that come in the sliding form and are made in the packaging of varying types of items of various types of industries.


2. What is the use of a corrugated sleeve?


A corrugated sleeve provides sufficient durability and strength, protects every product with ultimate care, and provides firm support.


3.  What are corrugated sleeves made of ?


 This type sleeves are designed from pulp, groundwood pulp, and paper and offer enough protection to every type of product.

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