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Tube light packing box

Tube light box

Tube light box or Tube light packing box  are usually used to protect fragile tube lights. Zig-zag pattern promotes support to tube light and avoids slipping. Happy and charming graphics on the packaging make it more attractive. Just slide off the perforated part and see whether the tube light is working through the thin sheet. Via tube lightboxes, chances of tube light breaking become less. It has enough strength to hold the tube light with an adorable finish. 

There is a high demand for moisture-free, high-quality, qualitatively designed Tube light packing box. These tube light boxes protect the tube light from moisture, dust, and some outer impacts.

These tube light box designed with cardboard are in high demand nowadays and have earned immense praise. The tube light boxes are designed with good quality raw material and durability.

A wide range of tube light perforated boxes are available in varying thicknesses, designs, and sizes. These tube light boxes are designed according to international quality standards using high technology equipment and machinery very efficiently.

These card boxes for packing are designed from biodegradable material and are purely recycled. We offer fine-quality tube lightboxes to every client, and led tube light packaging box manufacturers ensure high-quality packaging for tube lights to prevent damage. 

Features of Tube light packing box 

  • Ensures dimensional accuracy.
  • Is easy to transport.
  • These types of boxes for packaging are of the best quality.
  • Includes eye-catching and attractive graphics.
  • Lightweight along cost-effective.
  • Is entirely recycled.
  • Includes 3 ply corrugated boxes.
  • The pattern of the boxes prevents tube light from slipping.
  • Highly moisture resistant.
  • Devoid tube light from various impacts.
  • Is highly stable with low weight.
  • Ensures protection of tube lights from dropping during transportation. 



1. What are tube light box?

Tube light box are used in the packaging of tube light and included in a cardboard boxThese boxes avoid damage to tube lights to a great extent and ensure the safety of tube lights.


2. Are tube light box types durable?

Tube light box are highly durable as they include cardboard material along with various other materials. 


3. How to measure the bursting strength of a 3 ply tube light box?

To check the bursting strength of tube light packaging box , good quality bursting strength testers are employed along with high-quality diaphragm. During the test procedure, the sample is subjected to uniform pressure until the weak point of packaging bursts out.

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