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White duplex corrugated boxes

Laminated duplex boxes

White duplex corrugated boxes  are a type of cardboard, because of their double side layer. It includes two layers or piles known as laminated duplex boxes. Its exterior one side of the box is laminated with a bright white appearance to provide it with a glossy look.


Laminated duplex boxes are a type of corrugated box whose one side is laminated with glossy material and that surface is perfect for higher printability. Laminated duplex boxes are thin and sturdy, need good quality printability, are more water-resistant, and are usually utilized for various small products.


Laminated duplex boxes are designed from recycled material and are lightweight with good strength. This is an era of simplification and innovation, and for every work, everyone searches for practical and simple solutions.


Duplex boxes have gained immense popularity due to their simplified innovations and designs for many years and are popular among practical day-to-day applications.


A type of box that comes under one of the sturdiest discoveries for regular use. The box’s outside is laminated to make it highly polished and water-resistant, but its non-laminated part is more robust.


Laminated duplex boxes are lightweight, tough, and able to shine brightly. Designed from 100% wood pulp, the box includes a bleaching lining on one side.


According to this corrugated carton box usage, it comes in high weight laminated for packing heavy items and lightweight laminated for packing light items.


The box is properly designed with recycled papers, processed pulp, and organic pulp. Its heavy layer makes the box rough to hard-wearing and much more durable.


Properties of white duplex corrugated boxes(White duplex boxes)


Laminated  box are a type of cardboard carton, multi colour boxes and possess varying properties due to their specific applications that make it convenient for several industries to use them.


Moisture resistant


These boxes are specially designed to be moisture resistant, and the laminated layer of the box provides good shining. Besides this, it also offers water resistance quality to ensure that the laminated part of the box resists particles and moisture.


Anti-curl property


Specially designed for packaging purposes, its anti-curl property prevents curling of the White duplex corrugated boxes , and makes it a perfect option for goods storing and transportation.




It is a  highly stiff and rigid in structure just because of their multilayered design, which makes them highly perfect for the packaging of various products.


Resistant to folding


These types of boxes can be easily shaped to fit into any mold and form, but these boxes are fold resistant and are an ideal option for packing and wrapping.


Uniform lamination


Laminated duplex boxes are known for their corrugated box uses and their uniform lamination. Due to its evenness, the box usage is not only limited to packing only but also widely taken in use in varying areas.

Features of laminated duplex boxes


  • Have balanced ecological effects.
  • Designed from 100% recycled paper.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Is durable, rigid, and straight.
  • Provides good quality printability.
  • Is a 5 ply box.
  • Highly water-resistant.
  • Available in gray and white boxes.

Applications of laminated duplex boxes


Applications of these boxes are not limited, and their structure and design permit them to be used in various manufacturing areas, crafting, or packaging applications. These are food cardboard boxes, which means that these boxes are highly used in food packing. Here are some of its applications:-

  • Used in the beverage industry for packaging purposes.
  • Packaging of games and toys.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging.
  • In wine packaging.
  • Packaging of shoes and garments.



1. What is a white duplex corrugated boxes  ?


White duplex corrugated boxes a is a form of cardboard with a laminated layer. As it is created with two layers, so-called a duplex box. And, is laminated with a shiny coat finish that offers good printability.


2. What is meant by box lamination?


Lamination is a type of post-printing process in which thin transparent plastic film is properly applied over the surface of a printed box that gives high protection.


3. What is meant by offset printing?


It is a type of flat printing procedure in which areas that need to be colored are etched out from a fat metal printing plate. Offset printing boxes are taken into use when a large number of items need to be stored.


4. Why is a White duplex corrugated boxes utilize in food packing?


White duplex corrugated boxes  is used in food packing as it includes a waterproof liner inside the box. So, usually used in the food industry for packaging purposes.

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