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Broad flute corrugated box

Broad flute corrugated box

What is a Broad flute corrugated box ?

Broad flute corrugated box have become the most famous form of packaging and can be seen in every product packaging. These boxes are design using a huge number of papers, and its strength highly depends on the varying types of materials utilized. Asianpackaging is the corrugated box manufacturers in vapi .


A proper sheet of corrugated cardboard is designed with two major components  corrugated flute paper and linerboard. The fluted paper sheet is sandwiched amidst inner and outer liner, which is glued to flat liner paper along with starch. It is a type of best corrugated box as it is entirely customizable and fulfils every single requirement of customers. 


Broad flute corrugated boxes are designed from three components, which includes fluted middle section along with two liners of card. These are then glued to flute to improve broad flute corrugated box standards and ads up the stability and creates robust structure. Its liner paper is manufactured from Kraft paper, a most famous choice while designing these boxes as the material possesses a smooth surface. Its fluting provides extra lining along with an additional layer of fluting.


There are several types of flutes ( flute type in corrugated box )in corrugated boxes available in different shapes and sizes and provide immense protection to products. Fluting layers permits the circulation of air that offers protection from temperature variation. Corrugated box flute types are the only part that greatly affects the performance of broad flute corrugated boxes. You cab buy corrugated boxes online from Asian packaging.


The flutes of this box are an excellent option for printing purposes because of its good quality. Besides this, these boxes include good compression strength along with high resistance towards crushing. Broad flute dimension is much higher and this type of boxes uses almost 52% paper consumption. 


Features of broad flute corrugated box 

  • Cost-efficient and easy to use.
  • Improved storage with improved delivery.
  • Purely recyclable.
  • Great resistance to crushing.
  • It is a 5 ply corrugated box.
  • Can withstand shipping rigors.
  • High performance.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Offers less carbon footprint.
  • Safe single wall carton. 

Industrial uses 


  • Used mostly in yarn industries where 3 ply corrugated boxes are mostly utilized.
  • Various bag manufacturers also use broad flute corrugated boxes.
  •   Broad flute cartons are used in the plastic industry to package products.

Uses of broad flute corrugated box


Lightweight Broad flute corrugated boxes are very light and rigid and could easily offer protection against temperature and shock. This makes the most beneficial region of using this corrugated box type in the packing process.


Provides immense protection


This box protects both non fragile and fragile products. Its paper glued sheets provide sturdy structure to the box along with additional strength. It protects the items from shock, vibration, and dropping and also greatly gives support to bulky products. Its fluted layers offer good thermal insulation and avoid moisture.


Highly customizable


Broad flute corrugated boxes are highly customizable and its cardboard box making is done with sustainable materials. Its packaging enhances brand visibility and could enhance brand awareness.



1. What are broad flute corrugated box?

Broad flute corrugated box are an excellent option for packaging as they possess good puncture resistance along with the best printing surface, and it also includes high resistance towards crushing.


2. What are the uses of broad flute corrugated box?


These boxes are usually used in packing inner components like partitions and pads. These boxes prove to be an ideal option for transit packaging and offer high protection to products.


3. Is broad flute corrugated box thicker?


Yes, broad flute corrugated box are thicker with 1/8-inch thickness and due to this thickness only products remain safe.


4. Is broad flute corrugated boxes flexible?


Yes, these boxes are highly flexible and are known for their awesome structure and premium quality. Due to its flexibility, these boxes are available in varying styles and sizes that are cost-effective.

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