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Carton box

Carton box  ( small carton box )types of boxes are found everywhere and are greatly used to store cereals, toys, cosmetics, milk, and electronic products along with several other necessities. Moreover, demand for these boxes is on a rise due to their affordability, functionality, and aesthetics.


Empty carton box protect every item inside them, are cost-effective, are very easy to open, and could easily grab customers’ attention. These types of boxes are there in your bathroom, your pantry, and all over the house. Asianpackaging is the ultimate corrugated box manufacturer and makes their customer’s tasks easy.


This type of box is a type of folding box and is usually designed from paperboard. To design into a carton , the paperboard goes through the folding, cutting, printing, and lamination process before it is sent in a flat position to fill with various items.


These carton packaging boxes ( cardboard box packaging ) protect the products along with longer shelf life. These boxes serve a practical purpose and are environment-friendly and beautiful boxes to store your items. One of the best innovative packaging solutions for various industries such as cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries.


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Types of carton box


There is a huge range of these carton boxes for packing and every type performs its functions. So, it would be best to select the best box according to your requirements. Carton packaging is broadly classified into three major types :


Folding cartons


These types of cartons are designed from single sheet boards and are also popularly called paper carton boxes, as they are manufactured from paperboard. Sometimes, these cartons are also designed from corrugated board and their single sheet is die-cut and folded into the shape of a box. These cartons are further styled with print along with surface finishing with foiling, lamination, gluing, embossing, and many other features. These cartons are used as pizza and cereal boxes and also allow easy printability.


Rigid cartons


These types of corrugated cartons or 1 carton box are very different from folding cartons and are also called telescopic cartons. In these cartons, the bottom and top parts are detached from one another and designed from two varying cardboard sheets. These cartons don’t collapse and fold easily and are very sturdy. These cartons are used for the packaging of heavy products and those that require extra support. These boxes are used in the packing of clothing items, shoe boxes, and electronic products.


Paperboard cartons


Paperboard cartons or ( paper box ) are manufactured from thick paper-based material and could be easily printed with vibrant colors. These cartons are ideal for retail boxes that seem to be very attractive in stores. You can also search for a cardboard boxes wholesale India  and buy carton box online ,also Moreover, highly utilized in the manufacturing of corrugated boards and is usually utilized in the packing of electronics items, liquor packing, toys packing, cosmetics packing, and much more. It could be easy to laminate them for water resistance and additional strength.


Features of carton box


  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Very sturdy.
  • It is a 5 ply carton box.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Provides forest sustainability.



1. What is a packaging carton box ?

This boxes are usually a type of folding box created from paperboard and the paperboard undergoes various processes to form a carton.


2. What are the types of packing  box?


There are two major types of cartons – folding and rigid cartons that serve different functions. But, both cartons are very sturdy and recyclable.


3. What is meant by carton box printing ?


This is very attractive and offers good printability that permits manufacturers to enhance their business and also helps to create brand awareness.


4. What is a rigid box?


It is a type of box designed from strong paperboard along with fabric wraps and provides immense luxury and good protection.


5.  Can a shifting carton box be bought online?


Yes, you can buy a shifting box online or from any local store or search for carton box manufacturer . There are various types of  boxes available that serve varying types of functions. Asian packaging also provides carton box online and offline.


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