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Double wall corrugated boxes

Double wall corrugated boxes

Double wall corrugated boxes are specially manufactured to improve protection along with an extra layer of corrugated cardboard. These sturdy corrugated boxes are ideal for the shipment of delicate things like glassware or jewelry. Corrugated box are a type of sinusoidal structure designed using unique machines. These types of sturdy boxes are designed from fibrous pulp that came out from pine trees, which makes them highly eco-friendly.


Its extra layer promotes high cushion protection against unwanted cracks and knocks. Double-wall corrugated boxes create a robust and sturdy material and are ideal for the storage of delicate and heavier items. Transport every item safely over a long duration of time.


Double wall corrugated shipping boxes are a perfect option for the shipment of fragile items as they avoid collision effects. Moreover, these types of boxes include air columns that act as cushions. These types of boxes are highly safe to use as the boxes include smooth edges. And, these boxes have been in use for more than four decades.


These types of cardboard boxes are an ideal option to transport and store heavy loads, provide strength, offer proper durability, and versatility in varying industries.


These boxes are highly resilient, affordable, along environment-friendly and are considered to be a perfect option for various types of items. An ideal solution for a long list of transport and storage tasks where extreme protection is required.


Features of double-wall corrugated boxes


  • Provides immense reliability.
  • Includes a 7 ply corrugated box.
  • Store or ship heavy loads.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Provides cushion-like protection.
  • Safely transport delicate items.

Advantages of double-wall corrugated boxes


Transportation of heavy items


These types of cardboard packaging boxes could easily support a weight of 20 kg according to the item that needs to be transported.

Its double layer offers cushion-like protection and keeps the delicate items devoid of rapid movements that could lead to long-distance shipment, transportation, and handling. Furthermore, these boxes immensely protect against moisture that could lower their quality. You can also use seal corrugated boxes.


Environmentally friendly


These Double wall corrugated boxes arise from pine pulp ultimately makes them biodegradable. Additionally, the material could even get recycled to create paper rolls and boxes. These boxes are taken into use in homes also for multiple reasons like storage of household tools. Try 5 ply corrugated boxes packaging.




These custom corrugated boxes  ( courier packing box ) are designed in such a way to meet every requirement of the client. Its design permits you to lower or increase its height. Its thickness is customizable to make it ideal for product transportation.




1. What is a double wall corrugated boxes?


It is a double wall box designed from two outer liners, one inner liner, along two layers of fluted paper amongst the liner and layers.


2. When to use a double wall corrugated boxes?


These boxes are an excellent choice for storage and shipment of heavy and delicate items and it protects against any damages.

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