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The Difference Between a Corrugated Box And Carton Box?

by Asain Packaging Industries

Varying types of paper packing materials are steadily available in the market which makes the packaging better, especially with corrugated boxesMoreover, various companies make use of these various packing materials to create boxes. The packing boxes are in varying shapes, sizes, and styles, and companies can choose suitable ones for their products. However, the most common packing boxes are corrugated and carton boxes that are taken into use all over the world. Both boxes wrap big, small, lightweight, and heavy items that offer better shipping and transportation.

What is a corrugated box?

Corrugated material involves three paper layers: inside liner, outer liner, and fluting. The fluting layer is present amidst the other two types of layers, and the corrugated cardboard cartons make the packaging better. The box involves various beneficial properties such as its lightweight, hard-wearing, safe and protection of the product, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. It is a type of box that is created with corrugated material that is available in diverse dimensions. Moreover, the weight of these boxes is much lighter than cardboard carton boxes. These boxes are shock resistant and protect the products to their maximum.

What is a carton box?

The Carton box is a square-shaped box created with cardboard material, as cardboard serves as the better packing material. It seems to be a thick paper stock considered heavy-duty paper pulp. Moreover, these boxes are used as beverage and food boxes, which can be found in various sizes. Just because of this, the strong boxes are used for better shipment reasons. This box is the most sturdy and durable, allowing various companies to put a plethora of items in one box. Moreover, these types of boxes don’t break off easily.

Corrugated box V/S Carton box

Although carton and corrugated are confusing, they are both seamlessly varying materials that benefit varying uses. You must focus on packing material when you desire a packaging box for your product. Whether you desire to use corrugated boxes for packing, you can even use carton boxes for packing. Now, some might wonder about the difference between these boxes. Let’s learn about it in some detail.

Carton boxes are the best option for commercial types of packing that don’t hold heavy products. This is because it is easily printed, is light in weight, and is pleasing and not so bulky. Moreover, the boxes are mostly used for shipping light and thin packages via postal service, including books, DVDs, and various documents.

However, corrugated boxes wholesale seems to be the best option for huge packaging requirements and huge shipping boxes. This sort of box is durable and has huge strength, making it the perfect material for stacking and shipping. 

Types of corrugated carton boxes

Now, as you are aware, the corrugated box seems to be pretty much beneficial. After that, you must know about varying sorts of corrugated carton boxes used in varying sectors of industries. Asian Packaging makes use of these types of boxes that is the leading packaging box wholesale producer, making the product much safer. Let’s quickly dive into its various types.

Single Phase :

Single phase corrugated box includes a single flute and one or two sheets of linear board. And the flute is entirely stacked to a linear board and is sold in the form of sheet rolls. Moreover, the box is usually used in wrapping the product safely.

Single Wall :

Single wall corrugated box includes a single sheet of the corrugated medium that gets glued between two sheets of linear board. Moreover, this box has much use in the retail industry and box shipping.

Double Wall :

Double wall corrugated boxes are created with two layers of the corrugated medium that is entirely glued amidst three layers of liner board. This creation makes the box more rigid that is taken in used for the packing of heavy products or delicate products. And this type of box is mainly used in electronic items shipping.

Triple Wall :

The triple wall corrugated box has three layers of medium-density fiberboard and four layers of liner board and is the strongest of all kinds. Due to their durability and increased burst strength, these boxes are typically used for packaging industrial items.

Style of corrugated box

Slotted box style :

A “blank”—a single piece of corrugated or fiberboard—is typically used to create this design. These blanks have slots and scores to make folding simple. These boxes are practical because they arrive flat to the user and can be put together quickly with usually just tape or staples for the top and bottom.

Regular slotted container :

Of all the corrugated box designs, this one is the most popular. The outside flaps are half as wide as the boxes. As a result, the outer flaps can meet in the middle when a box is folded. This corrugated box design produces little waste due to its excellent manufacturing efficiency.


Asian Packaging is India’s huge corrugated box export that allows safe packaging and shipping of products. The client must choose the corrugated box that best suits their shipping requirements and the nature of the product because each type of corrugated box has advantages.


How many types of boxes are there?

Many individuals are perplexed by the various box kinds and the names used to describe them in the packaging industry, such as Folding Cartons, Rigid Boxes, Set-Up Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Paperboard Boxes, etc.

What is the size of a corrugated box?

It comes in various sizes, from a little 200mm x 200mm x 200mm box to a 2000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm box, and is likely the most well-known sort of box. It has flaps on the top and bottom that must be taped.

What are the 5 different types of cartons?

  • Paperboard carton.
  • Aseptic carton.
  • Egg carton.
  • Gable tops.
  • Folding carton.

What are corrugated boxes used for?

Small containers, product packaging, structural support for less rigid things like notepads, inserts that prevent clothing items like button-up shirts from losing shape, and other products are made from this material.

Where can I buy a corrugated box?

It is easy to buy boxes from various companies; the most trustworthy company is Asia Packaging. With the help of this company, you can experience safer products in safe packaging.

Is a corrugated box recyclable?

Both small and large-scale organizations recycle corrugated cardboard to cut costs associated with garbage disposal.

How are corrugated boxes better than normal boxes?

Because it is sturdy and long-lasting, corrugated is used increasingly frequently for packaging and shipping goods. Corrugated can endure the stresses of being transported from a warehouse to a mail processing facility and eventually to a delivery truck, in contrast to cardboard and other materials that are not impact-resistant.

What is another name for a corrugated box?

A cardboard box, carton, or case are other names for a corrugated fiberboard shipping container.

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