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corrugated box

Types of the corrugated box by Asian Packaging

by Asain Packaging Industries

Whenever discussions regarding packaging arise, it gets easy to get confused. If you look to ship fragile or heavy objects, a corrugated box might be an ideal option. Here is a detailed guide about these types of boxes by Asian Packaging so that you could select the appropriate one for your needs. However, when you think of your product along with the type of packaging that it requires, these types of boxes are much more focused. Cardboard is not the only packaging material; there is much more to it. 

What is a corrugated box?

This conventional cardboard box includes three fiberboard layers amidst its structure. Its outer layers are known as linerboards, and its wavy layer between liner boards is known as a flute. To provide extra protection to products, corrugated sheets could be doubled up in certain cases, combining varying corrugated flute standards. These boxes are the most common shipping option, as their walls offer high protection for rough handling. Instead of a single piece of cardboard, the boxes include a medium and a liner. There are varying types of flutes in a corrugated box that makes the box more sturdy.

Difference Between Corrugated vs Cardboard Boxes

Before further diving into corrugated packing and its uses, it’s important to know the differences between cardboard and corrugated box. Cardboard boxes allow items from losing their shape during movement or transit. Moreover, it is used for small product and container packaging and could be used as structural support in packing.

Corrugated boxes are not designed from the same type of materials. It is usually made from three layers of paper; and includes an outside liner, inside liner, and fluting that runs among the two. Moreover, corrugated packing is used for shipping boxes, as corrugated sheets are durable and sturdy. And it serves as the best option for the packing of products as corrugated is much lighter than cardboard.

Types of corrugated box 

As now you possess an idea about these types of boxes, you require to know about varying types of corrugated cartons used in different sectors.

3 ply corrugated box

These types of boxes possess a single sheet of corrugated medium. This medium is glued and placed between two liner board sheets. Thus, 3 ply corrugated box includes many uses in retail industries and secure shipping.

Double wall corrugated boxes

These boxes are designed from two layers of a corrugated medium entirely glued amidst three layers of liner board. Thus, this structure makes the box much more rigid and can be used in heavy and delicate product packing. Moreover, this type of box is usually used in electronic item shipping.

Broad flute corrugated box

This type of box seems to be the most popular packaging form that could be seen in every type of product packing. It is recommended to buy carton boxes for packing that includes high strength, especially broad flute boxes . These boxes are mostly used in the plastic industry for product packing.

3 ply corrugated box and sheets

These boxes include high-quality manufacturing and are moisture-free, making the packaging more secure. Asian Packaging is the best-corrugated box manufacturer that delivers high-quality packaging sheets and boxes.

One side flap corrugated box

This box is mostly used to package printed materials and shipping books. As per the name, this type of sturdy box is created from one piece of fiberboard slotted and creased at the correct places that permit folding.

Fumigated corrugated box

This type of box is an ideal option for transferring various exotic organisms. The box matches with advanced techniques and offers a safe way for fumigation, and also ensures good performance during its use. The box is easy to handle and needs less space for storage purposes.

Partition corrugated box

Partition corrugated cartons offer great protection to your products, as they are durable and permit less breakage of fragile items. Moreover, the box is designed per the client’s requirements so that the client can order the packaging of several products.

Corrugated sheets plates

Corrugated sheet plates are much handier and ensure less moisture and high durability. Moreover, the box is designed with the best fibres that offer protection to the products against harsh weather. They are rust-free and include sturdy corrugated panels.

Style of corrugated box 

Asian Packaging is the leading corrugated box manufacturer in Vapi that offers secure shipping of products. And there are various type of styles available for these types of boxes, and they are:-

Slotted box style

This unique style is usually designed from one piece of fiberboard or corrugated, known as blank. Now, these blanks are slotted and scored for easy folding and easily shipped to the user. This style is easy to erect, it only needs tape to secure its bottom and top.

Regular slotted container

This style is the most common, as its outer flaps are one-half of the box’s width. This permits the flaps to meet in the middle whenever folded into a box. This corrugated carton style seems highly efficient and results in less waste.

Overlap slotted container

In this style of box, all of its flaps are the same length. However, its outer flaps overlap by around one inch when folded. This style usually enhances the box’s integrity and makes it strong.


Which type of paper material is used in a corrugated box ?

Test and Kraft paper seems to be the most common type of paper that could be taken in use in corrugated cartons. Moreover, the box’s interior line is made of test paper, while its exterior line is made of kraft paper.

How can I buy a cheap price corrugated box online ?

Buy corrugated cartons from Asia Packaging , one of the leading manufacturers, that offers you the boxes at a very low price.

What is the other name of a corrugated box ?

A sturdy and durable container made from corrugated fiberboard is also known as a “carton”, “cardboard box” or “case”.

Benefits of a corrugated box in packing ?

  • Provides enough protection.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Sustainable.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Lightweight.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Provides flexibility.

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