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Why Corrugated Box Requirement Increase After Covid?

by Asain Packaging Industries

Corrugated box are entirely made of paperboard designed to offer a great level of protection to various goods. Packaging offers great protection to varying products, whether bulky, heavy, fragile, or good value, in transit and storage. Moreover, it is available in varying sizes, and because of that, products are taken into use for packaging heavy to small-duty products. Its paperboard includes several layers that offer enough strength to every packing product and make them strong, along with cushion-like support.

What is the packaging industry?

The packaging industry serves as an e-commerce industry that is entirely involved with producing and designing various packaging items. The packaging uses everything from crates to shelf displays during shipment to protect goods. The packaging industry is huge and offers employment opportunities to designers, line workers, attorneys, engineers, and other professionals. Moreover, the packaging is essential for protecting, transporting, presenting, and displaying small and large items.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has greatly impacted the packaging industry as demand for finished items has grown tremendously. This is because it offers great sustainability goals with the help of standardized boxes that lower packaging volume. Moreover, the packaging gets done at a low cost and is manufactured with the help of recycled materials. As the efforts to lower the use of single-use plastics continue and consumers shift to corrugated packing is on the increase.

Future of corrugated box industry in India

Corrugated box factory in India has been in a high growth stage for the last few years, and this industry is expected to grow by 10% in the coming five years. The hike in this industry is due to the growing demand from the food, e-commerce, and beverage sectors. Moreover, the industry in India needs to be more cohesive with various medium and small-sized players.Corrugated cardboard also best for packaging. This industry possesses high competition, so the players continuously innovate to provide better customer service and products.

The future of corrugated box online is promising, along with high demand from various sectors that need this type of packing. Furthermore, certain trends in the packaging industry use eco-friendly items, water-based coatings, and biodegradable inks.

Impact of COVID-19 on food packaging

Corrugated packaging seems to have a great impact on the food packaging industry all over the globe. Food packing provides enough protection to every food item by maintaining its vital properties and food’s biological and physical appearance. Moreover, food packaging companies are essential in the overall supply chain. To get the food safely into the market, it must be shipped in a protective packing.

List of some industries fared during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic’s start, online orders came in demand for various industries that improved life in lockdown. Almost after one year, printed corrugated boxes are in much need now, enhancing various industries’ fares during the pandemic. Let’s dive into certain industries that use these types of packaging to make the items more protective.


5 ply corrugated box has served as the central element for various packaging businesses for many years, especially in the medical sector. Various advanced techniques have come out like metal wrapping, but nothing could beat carton packaging. This type of packaging is a cheap, safe, and efficient way of packing as it could allow lots of things to store. Moreover, the packaging offers microbes free packaging along with good quality that entirely fulfills the requirements. The packaging is leakproof and doesn’t allow permeation and diffusion of various items as they are sturdy enough to grab moisture content.

Food & beverage

Corrugated box manufacturers in Gujarat provide many advantages in terms of packaging food and beverage items. More than 50% of corrugated material produced yearly is taken in for food packing. This packaging is the most sustainable and safe choice, especially during the pandemic. This strong packaging offers a robust and stable cushion for any food item that protects it during transit and handling. And it keeps moisture away from the item, especially during long-distance transportation.

Electronic and Electrical goods

Corrugated carton boxes protect things from the inside out and make storage simple. Corrugated box manufacturers in Vapi protect their products from bruising, breaking, or becoming wet when packaging heavy items like electronics, wine, appliances, etc. The packing protects the items from climatic, temperature, moisture, dust, and other environmental disturbances. For transporting needs, corrugated carton boxes are practical. It is simple to load and unload them. The boxes’ double-wall padding gives them a lot of flexibility.

The reason why corrugated box requirement increases after Covid?

Every industry is experiencing changes as the world struggles to adjust to the COVID-19 changes. No industry has escaped the effects of COVID-19, and firms are still evolving and adapting in large numbers. The same applies to packaging. Packaging has been crucial in satisfying customer demands throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Packaging has been crucial in keeping businesses viable, from food packaging and other retail industries to rising e-commerce sales. Here comes a reason why corrugated boxes are in high demand after covid.

Increase in online shopping

During covid, online shopping gets in high demand, so a corrugated box serves as a great packaging item. Corrugated boxes come in a range of hardness levels. Therefore, these crates are perfect for delivering everything from delicate glasswork to robust cable wire. They can be made in any size and shape to suit the requirements of any industry, from Pizza delivery cartons to large-screen televisions. These boxes provide enough padding to protect fragile and sensitive products throughout the protracted shipping, transportation, and handling processes.

Increase in food delivery

For sending food products in top condition, corrugated is ideal. Foodstuffs, especially fresh produce that needs cushioning, ventilation, strength, moisture resistance, and protection, can be packed using the clean, new box that is provided each time. For sending food products in top condition, corrugated is ideal. Foodstuffs, especially fresh produce that needs cushioning, ventilation, strength, moisture resistance, and protection, can be packed using the clean, new box that is provided each time.

Shift to home delivery

When transporting delicate commodities, corrugated boxes are frequently used because of several characteristics that make them an efficient choice of packaging material. For the most part, the box’s thickness and outside offer the necessary strength to seal the contents well. They may be piled within a warehouse without suffering physical harm on the inside or the outside since they are crush resistant. Additionally, corrugated boxes have a sturdy, dense carton construction that adds to their durability. This can work well, especially if home delivery is to be done.

Rise in E-commerce

The e-commerce sector is bustling with corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are excellent for e-commerce packaging because of their sophisticated production process and high quality. E-commerce is the future of buying, thanks to the internet’s speedy uptake and the quick acceptance of smartphones and shopping apps. If you made an online purchase, you undoubtedly want the item to be delivered to your door without losing its quality.

Need for safe packaging

For sending food products in top condition, corrugated is ideal. Foodstuffs, especially fresh produce that needs cushioning, ventilation, strength, moisture resistance, and protection, can be packed using the clean, fresh box that is provided each time.


Nowadays, recycling and reuse corrugated boxes is becoming more common because so much of the corrugated packaging that enters our facility is too attractive to be thrown away. Many food and beverage boxes may be reused in other household areas, making them an excellent sustainable alternative. These items range from magazine holders and jewelry boxes to pet shelters and bird feeders. Automatic corrugated box manufacturer in Vapi makes carton packaging more stable and cost-efficient.

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