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3 Ply corrugated roll

3 Ply corrugated roll

3 ply corrugated roll is one of the protective packing products for customers searching for a flexible solution to protect their items during transportation. These rolls offer the easiest way to protect and package irregular products of varying forms and sizes.


These hard cardboard boxes possess high absorbing qualities and could be easily cut manually to different sizes and wrapped around a product. The most ideal packaging option for small batch sizes is available in every fluting type and acts as the best option for packaging purposes.


3 ply corrugated roll include elastic properties because of a unique soft inner liner that allows it to be delivered into rolls. These online corrugated boxes or rolls could also be pre-printed if a good quality print is needed.


Moreover, these specific rolls are available in varying widths ranging from 400-2400 mm and lengths ranging between 100-200 m, making them more specific for packaging various products. It is designed from 100% recyclable materials and is present in various sizes just for your comfort. These rolls offer great cushion protection to every item and easily wrap around corners to avoid damage.


Asianpackaging is the leading corrugated box manufacturer and paper exporter that maintains the price of various packaging materials to a minimum and provides great benefits to its customers. It produces single-face corrugated boxes that possess extreme durability and are light in weight attracting many customers.


Asianpackaging is one of the biggest cardboard box manufacturing units that offer several discounts on their packaging materials. Apart from this, it also provides various alternatives to bubble wrap material to provide extra protection.


Benefits of 3 ply corrugated roll


3 ply corrugated roll is a very protective packing product and provides immense benefits to every customer. Here are some benefits of these awesome packaging rolls.


It helps to absorb shock


Transportation of items could be a nightmare for various businesses due to the continuous shifting of items and the items could get damaged due to vibration produced during transit. Whereas, when the items are wrapped with these corrugated fluting rolls it lowers the risk of damage due to its soft inner lining that enhances shock absorption qualities.


Reduction in material usage


These cardboard rolls don’t come pre-cut, but they also don’t require a special type of machinery. These brown cardboard sheets could be cut into exact dimensions according to the product and lowers the chance of material wastage. 


Environment friendly


These 3 ply corrugated rolls are specifically designed from renewable sources such as paper pulp from pine and birch trees. Therefore, these natural sources don’t deplete the earth’s goodness and cause no harm. These cardboard sheets could be taken into use multiple times before it’s worn out and acts as an eco-friendly product.



1. What is a 3 ply corrugated roll?


3 ply corrugated rolls are the best packing materials that properly safeguard the items during transportation. These are very strong and could easily protect your items from extreme external factors.


2. What are the unique features of 3 ply corrugated roll ?


3 ply corrugated roll include a soft inner liner that adds up to its elasticity and it also allows good quality print over it that could enhance your brand.


3. Are 3 ply corrugated rolls flexible?


3 ply corrugated rolls provide flexibility as it is not pre-cut and you can use various types of items irrespective of their size and shape. 

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