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E-Flute multicolour boxes

What is multi colour boxes ?


E-Flute Multicolour boxes can cover the carrier box along with the outside cover of the best quality paper. These boxes could sustain good quality multicolor e-flute boxes and could be customized according to the needs of a customer.


These boxes depict better impressions of a great business and brand awareness. These corrugated boxes are usually used to ship various items like food, furniture, glass, and many other items and provide them immense security. Moreover, these boxes are also used for small items like toys, pizza, gift products, and many other items. 


Use of multicolour boxes


 Multicolour boxes include impressive flutes every foot and offer better crush resistance along with flat surfaces for good quality printing. These types of fiberboard boxes permit you to reduce the box’s size and save enough storage space.


The ultimate combination of slimness and cushioning means these boxes could eventually substitute for solid fiber containers and conventional folding cartons. Additionally, these multicolor boxes make the boxes highly beautiful and attract customers. These boxes are an ideal combination of good graphics printing and cushioning. 


Asianpackaging provides every client with custom E-flute multicolor boxes along with coatings and printing for customers to showcase their brand. The company is a leading cardboard industry that offers an exclusive range of its packaging, and they design Duplex corrugated boxes products according to their customer’s requirements.


If you search for a box manufacturer near me, you should search for Asianpackaging as it provides a reliable type of boxes and better quality.


Why choose E-Flute multicolor boxes ?


Duplex corrugated boxes are big carton boxes for packing and are super easy to fold and possess great offset printing quality. If you require a small-sized packing corrugated box with beauty and strength, the E-flute multicolor would be an ideal option.


These boxes are much more strong and possess high cushioning properties than ordinary single-layer paperboard boxes. It possesses a smooth printed surface that depicts minimum washboards or flute lines and is quite slim.


These are good cartons for packing and are highly essential for sea shipment as they provide immense protection during shipment. These boxes have high structural strength and better cushioning properties and are highly used for good quality packaging printing.


A perfect option for custom printed die-cut folding boxes that are light in weight and the best alternative for paperboard. Moreover, the box stands out from the crowd and highly promotes your brand. These are India’s best food packaging boxes that offer extra rigidity, strength, and durability to every packaging item.



1. What are E-flute multicolour boxes ?


Multicolour boxes strengthen the cardboard and make the packaging of items very protective. These boxes usually seem like wavy lines that, when glued with paperboard, result in corrugated cardboard.


2. What is the usage of  Multicolour corrugated boxes ?


E-flute multicolor boxes are the second most used corrugated box and are eco-friendly and highly in use to print good quality graphics, and are good for packaging various items.


3. What are White duplex corrugated boxes made of ?


White duplex corrugated boxes are designed with three fiberboard layers and two linerboards sandwiched into a middle sheet in a wave pattern. Additionally, these flutes support the heavy and lightweight. 

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