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Full overlap container

Full over flap boxes

While certain items arrive securely at their destination spot when packaged into sturdy corrugated boxes , certain products require some special needs that regular boxes don’t accommodate. Full overlap container prevent damage to the products and always come to their rescue with proper care.


It is a type of box that consists of flaps that differ from flaps of packing and shipping boxes. These types of boxes usually possess long flaps that entirely overlap one another. 


Full over flap boxes are big cardboard boxes that include complete overlapping, and their small gap permits flaps to be flat against one another without any buckling.


These boxes include double thick construction that provides these boxes with great strength to protect the products, even in the rough face of shipping situations. Full over flap boxes are strong enough with the best adaptability that makes the boxes ideal for a wide range of industries.


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How to use Full overlap container ?


If you desire to ship something delicate, long, or heavy, these boxes might be a great option for satisfying packaging. Here are varying ways to take advantage of Full over flap boxes to protect your special products. 


Shipment of long items


Full over flap boxes act as the ultimate solution for securing the contents inside them as their solid sides are durable and short. It provides easy sealing of this packaging corrugated box as its ends can shut only with two pieces of tape.


Apart from this, double flap layers also provide you with the ultimate option to take the security of your contents to another level with industrial staples. It is ideal for carrying decor items, lightweight furniture, artwork, or garments. We are also selling Big cardboard boxes for packing use.

Shipment of delicate items


Shipping fragile products could be seen as a risky business, however, these boxes could withstand excessive pressure or weight due to thick flaps. These carton boxes avoid very delicate products from crushing during transit, and this extra protection reduces the risk of costly and wasteful item damage and could also lower the frequency of item return.


These boxes are ideal for the packaging of products such as mirrors, unique pieces, and products with sentimental values.


Shipment of heavy items


Full overlap slotted containers are cartons for packaging and their superior construction prevents the headache of heavy products from breaking out of their shipping boxes. These boxes also provide great protection to heavy or bulky items and provide proper shipment.



1. What are Full over flap boxes?


Full over flap boxes are packing cardboard consisting of flaps that cover one another, resulting in thick padding between its contents. 


2. What are the flaps called on Full overlap container ?


 Full overlap container boxes  or Full overlap slotted container are very suitable for shipping every type of item along with extra protection. Its two flaps on the long side are known as major flaps, and two flaps on the short side are known as minor flaps.


3. What is the usage of Full over flap container ?


Full overlap container are durable, efficient, highly versatile, and provide immense advantages during transportation. It is ideal for packaging delicate, heavy, and long items with immense care. 

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