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White duplex corrugated boxes

What is White duplex corrugated boxes or Duplex cartons ?


White duplex corrugated boxes are highly thin and tough and are much more water-resistant than Kraft. These boxes are designed from pure wood pulp along with a bleach liner on one side and are usually designed for the packaging of varying small items.


These duplex cartons need good quality printing and are mostly used for food packaging. These boxes are present in varying designs and sizes and in varying color options along with cost-effective solutions. Moreover, these boxes are easy to fold and require less space for storage. You can use Corrugated sheets for packing products.


Duplex cartons boxes are available with proper lamination and with high-quality printing. These boxes are highly reliable and durable and are one of the ideal options for food packaging. White duplex corrugated boxes are the best fruit packing boxes that provide customers with good quality.


Its white portion is used in printing, which helps brand awareness of their product. These boxes are glued and then pasted with tape to provide enough strength to the edges. This type of box is highly useful for packaging vegetables, alcohol, and many other items.


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Asianpackaging offers every customer the best price and the best quality and is considered the best-corrugated box supplier. Their white duplex corrugated boxes are water-resistant and better food packaging options. It offers every customer varying sizes and shapes according to their customer’s requirements.


Asianpackaging cardboard boxes manufacturers provide affordable boxes that are easy to store for future use. It offers lightweight and multipurpose boxes that are easy to carry and reusable.


Benefits of white duplex corrugated boxes


These white carton boxes are perfect for packaging cookies, ice cream, cake, electronic parts, toothpaste, automobile parts, fast food, beverages, and many more items. These boxes are light in weight and are very easy to carry and reduce your effort to lift them.


These awesome boxes are reusable and recyclable and are available in an affordable range. These boxes are fine for packaging purposes and are used in various industries with multipurpose action. These corrugated boxes are perfect for transportation purposes and for packing multiple items.


These 5-ply corrugated sheets are much more economical and go easy on the pocket, and their various applications make them an easy choice for customers. It includes sturdy composition and high durability, and due to its formation, the item retains the shape of everything and can be fully customized as per the customer’s needs.


These are the best cardboard boxes for food packaging and are environmentally friendly and trustworthy corrugated boxes. All these reasons make these boxes the best choice for packaging purposes.



1. What is a duplex cartons box?


White duplex corrugated boxes are cardboard in which the outside of the board is coated to make it reflective and moisture resistant.


2. Why choose a white duplex corrugated box?


White duplex corrugated boxes have various applications that make them convenient for various industries and have various features with anti-folding properties and a smooth finish.


3. What is the use of white duplex corrugated boxes?

Duplex cartons have several applications and are used to packaging food, garments, pharmaceuticals, toys, gifts, and many more items.

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