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One side flap corrugated boxes

While various products reach safely to their destination when packed into sturdy corrugated boxescertain items need special requirements that normal boxes can’t provide. Flap box avoid product damage and always stand for their rescue with ultimate care. It is an ideal option for packaging as it usually contains a long flap on one side that entirely protects the product from wear and tear.


One side flap corrugated boxes are a type of chipboard box and are mostly used for packaging lightweight products, like board games or cereals. These boxes are small corrugated boxes that include flaps on one side and avoid buckling. 


What is Flap box or one side flap corrugated boxes ?


These boxes possess thick construction that offers these boxes good strength to protect the items placed in them, even in rough shipping conditions. One side flap corrugated boxes are very strong and have better adaptability, making the box suitable for various packing industries.


Asianpackaging is the best corrugated box industry in India that provides its clients with high-quality cardboard boxes along with good strength. Asianpackaging is considered the best cardboard box manufacturer in India that usually focuses on clients’ requirements and mainly on the quality of the packaging boxes. Moreover, the company offers cost-effective material to every client with the best quality.


Uses of one side flap box


Since corrugated boxes are produced to fit every shipping requirement, they are one of the most accessible and popular packaging boxes. These boxes are highly popular for their protective cushioning and structural rigidity for shipping very delicate and fragile products. There is a wide range of uses for these one-side flap corrugated boxes that could be customized to fit every shipping requirement.


Flap box In food industry


During the manufacturing of these boxes, the glue is used to connect liners and flutes designed from starch and water to prevent contamination of vegetables and fruits. It is a fruit packing box that provides resistance and safety to bacterial infection and can keep the food fresh for a longer duration.


Supply of stationary


The major concern during the shipment of office supplies is the possibility of products being damaged in transit. The cushioning and strength of these cardboard boxes for food packaging prevent the items from being damaged and make them extra protected.


In textile industry


Online shopping has rapidly increased the use of these corrugated box 5 ply for textiles shipment as these boxes guarantee reliable, safe, and damage-free delivery. It is estimated that around half of the customers will return if textiles are properly packaged. These boxes permit textile manufacturers to personalize boxes to fit the items to ensure repeat customers.


Supply of electronics


Immense care needs to be taken while selecting boxes for the shipment of electronic products as electronic items are fragile and can be damaged easily. For this case, these cartons for packing are ideal options for packaging materials for extra protection. The cushion protection of these boxes vanishes the worry and avoids damage, ensuring the safe arrival of every electronic product on time.




1. Why do packaging boxes consist of flaps?


The major purpose of flaps is to increase strength by making more material overlapping over the top or at the bottom of the packaging. These boxes are harder to dent or crush and provide extra protection.


2. What are the uses of one side flap  box ?


One side flap corrugated boxes are the most ideal option for packaging food, fruits, electronics, textile, and many other types of products and provide their immense safety.


3. What are one side flap corrugated boxes?


Flap box are a widely chosen type of carton box because of their versatility and construction. They are almost used in every industry, and these flap boxes are highly perfect for protecting items and ensuring smooth transportation.

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