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Printed cartons

Printed cartons

Printed cartons are seen everywhere and are highly used to store toys, cereals, milk, cosmetics, and many other types of items along with various other requirements. However, demand for these cardboard cartons is high because of their functions, affordability, features, and aesthetics.


It give high protection to every product present inside it, are cost-efficient, easy to use, and can easily attract customers. These boxes could be found in everyone’s pantry, bathroom, and entire house with different types of products in them. 


What is Printed cartons ?


These packaging cartons are folding box and are usually designed from paperboard. This paperboard undergoes various processes like cutting, folding, lamination, and printing before it is filled with various types of products. These awesome packaging boxes protect their contents with longer shelf life, are environment friendly, and serve various practical purposes. Printed cartons are the most attractive type of box to store your items and serve as the best option for packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products.


Asianpackaging is the ultimate box supplier of printed cartons and ensures to deliver the best quality packaging boxes with a comfy look. If you want to buy corrugated boxes online, search for an Asianpackaging company as it provides the best-printed cartons boxes at affordable prices and with timely delivery. This company always focuses on the quality of the material of the corrugated boxes and then only delivers them.


Importance of printed cartons for packaging


Printed corrugated box online play an essential role in the item’s value as it provides an effective way to communicate the quality, appearance, and product information. Moreover, the print over the boxes highly creates the product’s identity, and major clients want their items to be in this product.


To know the importance of printing over a cardboard box read on the following points:

  • Any logo or tagline on the carton box creates brand identity and awareness and also enhances the trust of a huge range of customers.
  • This type of carton box packaging makes customers curious to know about the item, so it is essential to create an engaging and compelling design that can’t be overlooked.
  • Printed cartons enhance a product’s credibility and provide a dynamic approach to easily promoting products.
  • These types of cardboard boxes for packaging can attract the attention of senior audiences with a professional design. Various brands could maintain their personality and identity using the correct set of fonts, colors, and designs.



1. What are printed cartons?


Printed cartons are a type of folding box created from paperboard, and that paperboard undergoes various processes. Moreover, they are printed with the brand’s name or logo, making them more attractive.


2. How are the cartons printed?


Carton boxes used for packaging are printed with the help of lithographic printing, a computerized method of design printing over the box. 


3. Why are printed cartons famous?


Printing cartons are in high demand nowadays due to their quality and appearance, and it offers every piece of information regarding the product. Moreover, printing helps in creating the identity of a product.


4. What are the uses of printed cartons?


It provide all information regarding the item and are used to pack electronics, food, or any other essential items with extra protection and care. 

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