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Shipper boxes in vapi

What is Shipper boxes ?


Shipper boxes are a packaging product designed from corrugated fiberboard, whose lid and bottom form characteristic flaps that could be secured or locked with adhesive tape. It is a type of cardboard box usually known as a cardboard box. You can also use Full overlap container for packing.


The most beneficial factor of these types of boxes is their ease of assembly due to their two side walls which are securely glued together in the manufacturing process. This type of packaging is delivered unassembled to take less space. Shipper boxes are most likely used to transport large-sized items and secondary packaging.


Where can you use Shipper boxes ?


Shipper boxes are usually very popular in pharma industries and every pharma industry uses these pharma boxes for the packaging of their product. These boxes are much more suitable for pharma industries as their color is gray, and their edges are always joined with brass wire or glue to prevent the products from rusting and scratching. Shipper boxes are available in varying corrugated types, making the product packaging much easier, especially in pharma industries.


Asianpackaging is the leading corrugated manufacturer that provides its customers with good-quality packaging boxes at cost-effective prices. Their shipper boxes are the strongest packaging boxes mostly used in various pharma industries for packaging purposes. Asianpackaging is the best paper box manufacturer that offers various shipper boxes as per their client’s needs. It also offers good quality boxes and is easy to use for packing products.


How to choose the best shipping boxes for your product?


To ensure that your precious items are properly packed, you must select the best packaging box for the products. In selecting the correct carton sheet, here are some tips you need to know:-


Package size


The size of a package ( plain box ) plays an essential role in determining the size and type of boxes for your product packaging. Forcing your items into an undersized box could destroy your things, and the same thing happens if kept in an oversized box as it would bounce all around the 5 ply box and lead to damage.


Type of product


The product type also goes a long way in the proper determination of box type and packing paper that you usually use for packaging purposes. The items require proper corrugated paper sheets or boxes in which they can fit smoothly.


Weight of product


The product’s weight is another thing you need to consider, as it could lead to severe damage if you pack a heavy item in a lightweight box. So, to protect your product from damage, you need to pack the items in strong shipper boxes.




1. What are shipper boxes?


Shipper boxes are very strong 5-ply corrugated boxes usually used in effective packaging of pharma products and are mostly used in pharma industries.


2. Which type of boxes are suitable for shipment?


Corrugated cardboard is the best material for every shipping box as they are sturdy enough to provide safe and secure packaging.


3. How to protect shipper boxes?


 To protect the boxes, you need to ensure that your shipping box is tough along with rigid flaps. You need to wrap every item separately and cushion them amongst bubble wrap for protection.

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